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Why do you want to work with an art career coach? 

Are you looking to better leverage your knowledge, skill, and time? 

Would you like to go from point A to B to C more quickly and with ease?  

As an Art Career Coach and Professional Artist I can expertly help you ...

Reveal and clarify your purpose and direction as an artist

Build a consistent body of artwork

Write proper artist statements and artist biographies

Write proper artistic resumes

Prepare a proper studio and/or office space

Develop a business plan

Understand your market

Find your artistic style

Perfect your elevator speech

Foster the proper art-related business relationships

Network effectively

Understand and gain commissions

Prepare and/or understand contracts

Connect to the corporate art market

Learn how to license your artwork

Create a greeting card line

Approach art consultants

Approach appropriate art galleries

Develop action plans custom-designed to your needs

Establish pricing

Increase sales

Manage your finances

Participate in art festivals

Manage your time

Build your mailing list

Create an effective inventory list

Brand yourself appropriately

Identify and approach your market

Design a clear roadmap

Stick to your resolutions

Clarify goals and take sensible new risks for career advancement

Define short term and long term artistic goals

Stay motivated

Expand inwardly through challenges presented to you

Experience being held accountable

Discuss wins and losses and make adjustments accordingly

Build your confidence

Realize your potential

Sharpen presentation and marketing skills

Advertise effectively

Design a strong website

Create promotional material

Adopt engaging art-demonstration techniques

Develop a proper art portfolio

Select framing for maximum sales

Create an effective newsletter and/or blog

Create effective social media content

Properly apply to art exhibits

Learn the importance of professionally photographing artwork

Develop strong public speaking skills

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