About Creativity Coaching

A Creativity Coach helps you ...



Manage the challenging anxieties of the creative process 


Overcome fears that stifle and block your creative expression

Silence your inner critic and ruthless self-talk

Tame perfectionism, and shift habits of procrastination

Manage overwhelm, resistance and rebellion, and self-sabotage


Incorporate strategies from a bank of established creativity coaching tools

Recognize and manage the stages of the creative process

Create intentions and goals that support your creative output

Manage your time and attention

Activate curiosity as an source of creative inquiry

Source your Deep Creative Wisdom

Tune into inspiration

Strengthen your intuitive nature

Mine the jewels of your creative brilliance

Learn how to cultivate stillness to invite in vision and possibility

Provide strong and valid support to empower your creative process to…


Recognize and claim your unique creative gifts

Clarify your purpose as an artist

Forge a life of meaning, and and nurture your creative spirit

Experience more joy and authenticity as a creative


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