About Kathy Beekman

Art Career Coach

Beekman Fine Art & Design

Kathy is absolutely passionate about art!  She paints pastel landscapes, inspired by the farming communities surrounding Fort Wayne, where she grew up and the mountains of Colorado, where she now lives.  She’s happy to share that she is consistently a top seller in the Santa Fe, New Mexico art gallery which represents her artwork.  You can view her paintings, gallery exhibits, resume and other pertinent information by visiting her Beekman Fine Art & Design website, www.kathybeekman.com.


She enjoys creating that next masterpiece in her studio and also has a burning desire to share her art with others. So in addition to developing a creative niche, she has also worked hard to master the business side of the art industry. Kathy loves to share this knowledge with other artists in the form of career coaching services.  Because she is well versed in the commercial side as well as the creative side of art, she often works on the business of art with artists and offers art career coaching workshops. Her book Prosper, A Success Book for Artists, is an international seller and is available through Amazon.com. 


Art inspires nearly every aspect of Kathy’s life.  In addition to painting landscapes she collects art, participates in art festivals, attends art exhibits, offers workshops in pastel painting, and is an avid reader of art magazines.  She has managed a contemporary art gallery, served on art related boards, helped to develop an art advising program for Metropolitan State University of Denver, developed an ongoing online business of art course with 1340 Art Magazine and organized art development programs such as Breaking Boundaries for Art Centers. 


Having brought a wealth of experience to emerging, mid-career, and professional artists since 2006, Kathy believes that if an artist commits the time and effort required to get them where they want to be, they will succeed!     


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