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Thrive More

What is Thrive More?

Thrive More is a community for artists who believe amazing things happen when we create, connect and support one another.

As a community, we believe that allowing time for creativity, maintaining self-care and having a supportive system are key to well-being and success. 


Our community members:

  • Connect online in our monthly forum

  • Develop their super powers

  • Support a welcoming space for new ideas

  • Practice self-care

  • Encourage one other

  • Focus on growth

  • Find motivation and inspiration

  • Discover new opportunities

  • Advance within their art world


Thrive More provides:

  • Presenters that will help you move forward within your art world and who are professionals in their field

  • Masterminds to hold you accountable, provide peer support and brainstorm ideas in a safe place, and most importantly, help you accomplish tasks and goals

  • Workshops designed to fill in the blanks.  As artists, we all have areas within our art world that need a facelift, need answers to big questions and training to be the best at what we do

  • Exhibiting opportunities

  • Events that bring our members together in person

  • Forums on-line.  We meet monthly and explore particular ideas, views, and issues within your art world

  • Space for you to grow and excel as an artist

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