Presenting: The 2021

Spring Retreat

Registration opens January 2021


Cultivating Courage

through Art Journaling

Join us in this dynamic ArtCoaching for You retreat where you will nourish creativity, grow imagination, ignite enthusiasm, and surround yourself with community – the perfect ingredients for nurturing your artistic growth. 


This introspective retreat explores what courage means in art; where do we find it, how do we harness it, and why do we need it - all through the wonderful world of art journaling 


Together, we’ll unleash your creativity by learning to use traditional media in non-traditional, transforming your questions into beautiful art journal pages that you are proud of and which artfully and authentically tells your courageous story. 


ArtCoaching for You retreats encourage creatives to discover and embrace their real strengths, are efficient in the way they allow you to move forward by leaps and bounds, are laid-back while providing a safe space to relax and be real about the challenges you are facing, and give you a chance to connect with a supportive and smart tribe of creatives.


The ArtCoaching for You Cultivating Courage through Art Journaling retreat is a wonderful opportunity to learn new, exciting techniques in a beautiful, relaxed environment.  The Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort, is the backdrop for two and a half days of classes focused on painting, collage, storytelling, and other techniques that will take you to a whole new creative level.


Instructors Kathy Beekman and Robyn Thayer will introduce you to new ways of working with a variety of journaling styles and materials that will add dimension, color and depth to your art-making. 

What is Art Journaling?

Art journaling is a powerful way to add value to your life.  It lends itself to freedom that results in beauty.  And you don’t have to be a professional artist to create an art journal.  It’s important to understand that it is not a sketchbook or scrapbook.  An art journal is a book kept by a creative person as a visual, and sometimes verbal, record of her thoughts and ideas.  Art journals usually combine visual art-making as well as writing, to create finished pages. Every imaginable style, media and technique is used by art journalists in order to explore questions or tell the visual truth through a combination of color, imagery and words.



The Cultivating Courage through Art Journaling retreat will take place at the Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort, located 2 ½ hours from Denver, Colorado.  With its bubbly natural hot springs, airy cabins, historic bath house, hiking AND nurturing spa treatments, this historic resort is nestled in Nathrop, Colorado and strikes the perfect balance between rustic and luxurious.


Thursday, April 29th

7:30pm Hello’s

We are still fine-tuning the program, though we thought we’d give you an idea of its formatting:

Friday, April 30th

7am Yoga (free to those that stay overnight at the resort)

8am breakfast

9am Journal Jumpstart

12pm lunch

1pm optional activity (soak, spa, horse riding, hike, aquasize)

2:30pm Cultivating Your Courage

4pm Creating Your Color Palette & Exploring Symbolism

5:30 creating wraps up for the day

7:30 (optional) group dip in the bubbling springs

This course is for you if:

  • You are an artist looking for exercises that will help you learn and grow

  • You are an artist needing strategies to push past your fears

  • You love the idea of keeping an art journal but can’t seem to get it off the ground

  • You stare at a blank piece of paper or canvas and have no idea what to do

  • You would like to feel more in control when you create

  • You want to become a confident artist

True Statement:

Showing up is half the battle.

In addition, you’ll be treated to fun activities and surprises, while being inspired by the peaceful surroundings.  Looking forward to you joining us in this amazing experience.  Sign up now, registration is limited.

The Guides
Kathy Beekman

Kathy is a professional artist, art career coach, greeting card designer and author. She favors color, texture, and a sense of humor in her creative endeavors.  Kathy is a resident of Bailey, Colorado, the wife of an archaeologist, and a mother of two fur-babies. Her inspiration comes from many places but is rooted in a sense of community, family, relationships, and overall positive energy found from living a creative life.  Kathy’s artwork can be found in collections throughout the world and her most recent line of greeting cards, The Right Words, finds its roots in art journaling and can now be found in retail stores.

Robyn Thayer

Robyn is a professional artist living in Evergreen, Colorado, currently homeschooling her two young daughters, while raising a flock of chickens alongside her genius husband.  One of her favorite things to do is cup up her paintings and put them back together in surprising ways.  Through the years Robyn has authored dozens of articles on techniques, ideas, and processes for Somerset Studio Magazines.  Art journaling remains her steadfast ally, lending itself to an entire greeting card line and, these days, building giant paintings on wood.  Her artwork is sold in retail stores, galleries, and online.


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