Getting Started with Cyncie

Step 1.

Contact Cyncie


Step 2.

Fill out the corresponding Profile & Policies form and submit it.


Step 3.

Please wait for your application to be reviewed


Step 4.

After reviewing your profile information, Cyncie will email you to schedule a 30-minute complimentary phone session. Together we will make sure art coaching is right for you, and she will answer any of your questions regarding the process.

How We Meet

We can meet in person, virtually, or by phone as often as you would like.
Between meetings, you send your coach accountability updates.

Arrange a Meeting

First, we’ll have a brief meeting to ensure we’re a good fit. Then, we’ll set up our first meeting on the calendar.

Creativity Coaching Options: 

One time: Specific issue to be addressed but no long-term coaching.

Profiles & Policies to be completed and returned

One two-hour meeting at a cost of $220

Continuous Coaching: Goal setting and plans to reach those goals are defined.


Profiles & Policies to be completed and returned

2 meeting minimum

Subsequent meetings are $110 an hour

It takes time and commitment to manifest change in our creative lives.  While individuals may elect a single session to address a challenge in their creative output, it can be more productive to choose a package where ongoing sessions can provide the deep and lasting change we are seeking.

Creativity Coaching Packages:

Designed for those who are committed to empowering and strengthening their creativity by working on the issues that might block and stall their creative output. 

Creative Muse-ings

Designed specifically to lift and shift the experience of your creative life in its multiple expressions utilizing journaling techniques and written works by experts in the field of creativity. 


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