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Popular Speaking Topics:

Marketing Your Art:  Learn the Secrets

Learn powerful marketing strategies for succeeding in the art world, as well as creativity tools for handling the natural anxieties that arise in this fun and information-packed presentation.

​Approaching Galleries with Confidence

Find out what the right steps are to approaching the appropriate galleries and what these galleries really want from their artists.

How to Succeed at Art Festivals without Losing Your Mind

The art festival world as we know it has become one of the ways to connect with an audience.  However, with artist after artist lining art festival aisles, it’s difficult to stand out and grab the passerby’s attention.

This workshop is devoted to helping you prepare for a successful art festival while providing you with guidelines for getting into festivals, do’s and don’ts so that you and your booth will stand out, tips for acting professionally, selling effectively and a “what to pack” checklist.

​Becoming a Successful Artist:  Learn What it Takes

During this hands-on workshop, participants explore the habits and traits of successful artists, the seven innovative strategies that have an impact on artistic success and the tools needed to vitalize their creative life.

Approaching Your Market with Confidence

Identify markets such as galleries, art festivals, and art consultants where you might sell your artwork and learn how to properly approach them for representation.

Growing Your Art: Developing into the artist you were meant to be

Aspiring artists devoted to their practice learn what it takes to cultivate their artistic expression and career.  Participants explore the creative and business side of developing their artistic voice, which will include the top 10 ways to grow.

Finding Your Artistic Voice

Discover why it is important to have your own artistic voice and to explore the ways in which as an artist you can discover and develop your "style".

Attention Management for Artists: Nurturing Your Deep Desire to Create

In this amazing attention management workshop you will learn to get the most out of your day and survive the pressures creative people feel in the art world.  Participants will receive helpful insights, a motivation strategy and other powerfully effective tools proven to keep them moving forward in their creative life.

On the Artist's Path

To be fully engaged On the Artist's Path, it is essential to discover and embrace the deep core within ourselves, allowing us to cultivate and ultimately communicate our unique personal expression.  Confidence in your signature artist voice is the foundation for strong marketing efforts as well as being able to manage challenging anxieties and creative blocks to get where you want to go as an artist.

Make a New Year's Art Resolution:  Set Artistic Goals and Reach Success

Annual goal-setting is how we check in with ourselves each year, figure out our priorities, and decide how we, as artists, are going to invest our limited time and resources in the future.  In this hands-on workshop, you will improve the quality and realism of your goal-setting, learn the 7 steps to staying motivated, as well as receive helpful tools to reach your goals.

Creating Courage as an Artist

This innovative workshop brings together the perfect ingredients for nurturing your artistic growth: creativity, imagination, and community. Learn how to set aside the uncertainties and anxieties that may hold you back as an artist. Discover where your courage lies, why you need it , and how to make it a part of your identity. You will also learn how to summon up the necessary courage to bring your creative gifts to the world and develop a plan to continue being fearless and strong in your creative life.

Learn to Love Your Artist Self

During this participatory workshop, participants explore ways to become stronger artists and discover that anything is possible with a bit of confidence, self-esteem, and self-care.  Here you will learn to identify your artistic needs and meet them easily without guilt, know your artistic strengths and celebrate them, eliminate the need to compare yourself to others, and bravely face the unknown.

How to Price and Sell Your Artwork

Are you lost when it comes to pricing and selling your artwork?  This workshop has you covered, from figuring out how to price art for a website, art show or gallery, and knowing how to efficiently sell your artwork.

Your artwork is amazing and you want to sell it.  Embark on a journey, with Professional Artist and Art Career Coach Kathy Beekman, where you discover how to fairly price your art for yourself and your market, establish commission prices, understand the difference between retail and wholesale pricing, and incorporate a pricing plan that works for you.  Then take it one step further and explore how to sell your art with Power Words.

Clarify Your Direction as an Artist in 5 Steps

Discover what truly lights you up as an artist while developing a clear direction and vision for what’s next in your artistic life.  One of the best ways to grow as an artist is by creating and communicating a clear message about who you are and what you do. Topics covered:  artistic style, consistent body of artwork, artist statements and biographies, the 3, 6 and 12 month strategy, and the elevator pitch.  Embark on a journey that will reveal your artistic story and transform your dreams into reality. 

Kathy Beekman is a professional artist and art career coach who helps artists move forward with strength, vitality and balance.

8 Ways to Sell Your Art Without a Gallery

Yes, you can sell your art and make money without a gallery. You know you create good art, but do you know where to sell it?  Galleries are no longer the only option for selling artwork.  Discover the: who, what, where, when and why in this workshop that emphasis being true to yourself and investing the time needed to become an independent self-employed visual artist.

In this fun and interactive workshop, Kathy Beekman, a professional artist and art career coach, will walk you through the 8 ways that you can make a successful living without being in a gallery.

​Ready to draw new artists into your venue and help your artist community thrive?







ArtCoaching for You has inspired and empowered countless artists to pursue their artistic passions and to move beyond the studio to create successful businesses. ​And as a professional artist herself, she relates easily to artists' needs. She welcomes the opportunity to share her seasoned experience as an artist and coach with you and your community.


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