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3 Ways to Get People to Open Your Email

Original blog date: 4/10/2019

by Kathy Beekman, Art Career Coach and Professional Artist

How can you, as an artist, get your fans to open your email?  These three tips will help you stand out while raising your open rates:

1.  Create a dynamic subject line.  Treat your subject line like a headline so that it attracts attention.  Which of these two subject lines do you like better:   "Lisa's Art Newsletter" or "Collect This, Not That"

2.  Avoid using these words.  Free and help.  People tend to avoid opening emails with subject lines that include these words because the words themselves are way over used. 

3.  Plan how often you will send.  Make it consistent and timely.  People that signed up to receive emails from you did so for a reason.  They want them and expect them.  Don't let them down.

Now it's your turn.  Do you have any tips you’d like to share? How has your art business increased email open rates? Is there a fabulous subject line you’ve used?

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