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8 Strategies to Help Artists Start their Day off Right

by Kathy Beekman, Art Career Coach and Professional Artist

When you start each day with positivity, you feel physically stronger, more relaxed, and able to face the day's challenges with patience, perseverance, and thoughtful responses. Try one or more of these positive strategies to help yo get ready for your day.


Smile at yourself in the bathroom mirror.

Seriously! Acknowledge one of your positive characteristics ("I'm funny, quirky, caring, hard-working).


Reflect on what's important to you today.

Do this while you're in the shower or brushing your teeth. For example, "I want to finish off that sculpture today" or "the gallery owner needs to hear from me today."


Vow to discover something new.

You'll notice new people, a new method, a new color, a new feeling, a new story and engage more wholeheartedly in life.


Feel gratitude for your good health.

Your body takes care of you. Promise to take loving care of it. Ask yourself, how can I treat my body better today? Maybe a walk will do the job.


Take 10 minutes to "be with yourself".

Close your eyes. Concentrate on the sounds around you and then find a good thought or memory. Be with that good thought or memory for a few minutes. This is a way to reduce stress, develop concentration, and start your day on a positive note.


Drink 2 full glasses of water in the morning to get your internal organs working.

Doing so will help you avoid feeling sluggish. Trust me, you'll feel like you have more energy.


Have a healthy breakfast.

Include fruit and protein. Food is your fuel, so fuel up for the day! Bet you'll find yourself having more endurance and creativity with a healthy breakfast.


Ease into your new day.

Allow time to get ready for your day without feeling rushed. Spend 5 minutes in bed thinking about your night's dreams or about the artwork you are looking forward to creating rather than jumping out of bed and rushing into your day.


Pick just one of these strategies and you'll find yourself on your way to having more energy, a better attitude, more efficiency and clearer thoughts. Would love to hear which strategy you pick or what you already do to ensure you have a good start to your day.

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