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Coaching the Artist Within


—by Cyncie Winter, Creativity Coach and Professional Artist--

“The ability to effectively coach yourself hinges on your having enough space to positively influence yourself, to openly communicate with yourself, to carefully monitor yourself, and to regularly chat with yourself. This mindful and ultimately courageous way of being requires that you get some distance from yourself, becoming a witness to your own life, birthing someone who compassionately but unflinchingly notices your antics and your defensive maneuvers and who, from the vantage point of an observer who has a little cultivated distance, motivates you, congratulates you, chides you when you need chiding, and loves you when you need loving."—Eric Maisel, Coaching the Artist Within

Hey now! We all have an Inner Coach that can empower our Artist Within. If we can befriend that part of ourself, then we can work through and past all sorts of issues that would stop us from fulfilling our creative dreams.

I am just finishing up teaching a four-week course on Eric’s great book through the Therapeutic Writing Institute—an outstanding online platform that appeals to an international audience, using expressive writing to dig deeply into our core issues, as a way of springing into action on behalf of ourselves.

We covered all sorts of really important topics, like…

  • Deciding to Matter and Passionately Making Meaning

  • Getting a Grip on Our Minds and Eliminating Dualistic Thinking

  • Generating Mental EnergyCreating in the Middle of Things

  • Achieving a Centered Presence

  • Committing to a Goal-Oriented Process

  • Becoming an Anxiety Expert

  • Planning and Doing

  • Upholding Dreams and Testing Reality

  • Maintaining a Creative Life

This is what your Inner Coach can help you with, if you give it permission to Coach Your Artist Within.

So here’s the deal. I’ll be posting a bit about these subjects in the next few blogs. But if you’d like to work with me personally on this material and dive into it more deeply, I would love to help you out. Shoot me an email, and we can talk more about it. cynciew@ecentral.com

Kathy Beekman and Cyncie Winter are here to help you empower your art career and your creative expression. Let us know how we can support you!


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