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—by Cyncie Winter, Creativity Coach and Professional Artist--

Recently, I reached out to some artist friends to ask if they had ever doodled. As it turns out our very own Annamarie Mead brings an expertise to the process that is more than admirable. Here’s what she has to say about doodling:

“I have doodled all my life. And my doodling has evolved as I aged. My process is to begin with several shapes scattered around the section I’ll be doodling on. I then doodle in and around the shapes until they are all integrated together. It usually takes me several days to a week to complete a page. I really had to think about whether my doodling has helped my creative process and therefore my painting process.

At first thought I decided it did not have any impact but after really looking at my doodles I see the negative space and the flowing marks that I use in my paintings! I was quite shocked but pleasantly surprised by this. I believe doodling has benefited my creativity, my memory and my paintings.”

Lots of information out there tells us about the many advantages of doodling. Here are some of those:

1. Doodling Helps with Concentration and keep you in the present moment.

2. Doodling Can Help Promote Creative Insight and expression.

3. Doodling Can Help Process Emotions.

5. Doodling Can Be A Creative Outlet.

6. Doodling Can Help You Learn Better and Generate Ideas.

And look at what evolves as Annamarie brings her doodling to completion...

I bet you are inspired now! Here are a couple of ways you can incorporate doodling in your daily life:

Doodle Journal - Using a ballpoint pen, randomly doodle in your journal for half an hour each day - much as you would when on the phone, in class or in a meeting. See what evolves for you.

Spiritual Wisdom Journal - Record one inspiring quote a day in your journal. Embellish your quote with doodles and magazine clippings. What transpired for you?

Finally, here is Annamarie, in front of one of her beautiful paintings. Can you see the influence of her doodling?

If you'd like to find out more about doodling, you can contact Annamarie here: info@annamariemead.com And you can see more of her beautiful work at her website here: www.annamariemead.com

And if you're needing support in your art career, or creative process, you can contact Kathy or Cyncie at our new website at artcoachingforyou.com

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