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“I Don’t Have a Creative Bone in My Body!”

Original blog date: 3/16/2019

by Cyncie Winter, Creativity Coach and Professional Artist--

How many times have you heard someone say some kind of variation on this…like “I can’t even draw a straight line!” accompanied by shrugging of shoulders, slapping of hands on thighs, big sighs, eyes rolling?

Why do people do that?  Well, there are several good reasons.  If you recognize any of the following beliefs, just raise your hand.  No shame, no blame.

1) They believe either you’re born with “talent,” or you’re not.  What they also may think is that creativity is limited to certain expressions—like art, music, or writing—and definitely not about being a good cook, a great partner, a fantastic parent.  Or sitting and being quiet.  Saying just the Right Thing to a friend.  Or believing in fairies.

2) They might have an unrealistic expectation about what creativity is supposed to look like and subsequently compare themselves to others, believing they are inherently inferior in some way and feel foolish when they fail.

3) Someone once said something discouraging about their creative efforts that felt really bad, and they believed that person.

4) They are afraid they won't be perfect, and they equate being perfect with being valued and successful  

5) They tried out being creative for a brief time and got discouraged because it took more time, work, and perseverance than they had the energy to give.  It takes time and toleration of not being good out of the gate. 

6) They have created a story that works against the belief that they are creative.

Thanks to Jill Bandonsky for distilling these beliefs so beautifully.  

Jill also says that there is one quick test to determine if you are creative or not.  Here it is: 

1. Are you breathing?

If you answered Yes to the above are or can be creative

​If you answered No, reincarnate soon unless you don't believe in that stuff.

She also says this:

“Many people are indeed born with an innate talent. When they cultivate that talent through many, many hours of practice - amazing works of art, literature, music, what-have-you are brought into existence. But really, do you need to BE that person in order to discover the bliss, benefits, and rewards of creativity?


Think of the number of people out there who are breathing their passion, their capacity to provide healing, their ability to problem-solve, to bring joy and laughter, to elicit curiosity and engage interest—in some form or another.  All of these actions require creativity in some form or another.

Think of the number of ways that you find ways to breathe your creativity in the world.

Making a list helps.  It’s important to acknowledge what we so often take for granted.

Ready to spring into Spring?  If you are in need of a little uplifting in your creative life, contact us at

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