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TOP 6 ACTIONS That Help You Achieve Your Artistic Goals

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

by Kathy Beekman, Art Career Coach and Professional Artist

If you're tired of making resolutions and goals that you never accomplish, a new approach may help.

Conventional mindset goals can fall apart for many reasons. Once you're aware of why this happens, you can prevent it or fix it so you can be well on your way to achieving your goals.

Try these techniques to achieve your artistic goals:

1. Pick realistic goals. One of the most frequent issues is that you may be picking goals that aren't realistic.

  • Perhaps you want to travel around the world and teach art workshops. This may not be a goal that can be reached in the near future because of your financial situation and family arrangement.

Rather than giving up on the idea, make your goal tangible. For example, instead of trying to teach workshops outside of the United States, first choose to teach a workshop outside of your city, then your state and then your "part" of the United States. Eventually the timing and your financial situation will be right and you'll be teaching your art workshops abroad.

2. Break goals into a journey. It's easy to set an artistic goal, miss it, and get upset. Instead of doing this to yourself with each resolution, try a different way. View your goal as a long-term journey, where each leg of the journey leads up to where you'll finally arrive.

  • Create a plan that maps out your journey. Set milestones and rewards along the way.

3. Measure your progress. In some cases, you may be close to achieving your goal, but you give up too soon. By measuring your progress, you'll be able to see what you're doing more clearly.

  • Set up a system to track your progress. Try different tools, such as calendars, journals, or logs to keep track of your goals and see which system works best for you.

4. Ask for help. Sometimes you might fail simply because you don't ask for help and try to do everything by yourself. Perhaps a little help will bring you success.

  • It's normal to need help along your artistic journey. You may need an entire support network behind you to achieve your goal. Turn to friends, family, coworkers, and others for support.

5. Feel free to adjust your artistic goals. You don't have to stick with an old goal. Sometimes goals need to be changed and modified. You may evolve as a person and realize that your earlier ambitions are no longer relevant.

  • Your present is constantly affecting your mindset and the way you perceive things. You accumulate knowledge, wisdom, and experience over time that affects your goals.

Lastly, working towards your goals is a growing experience. You will have wins as well as losses. As long as you realize that the journey as a whole will help you become a stronger person, you'll do just fine.

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