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Vulnerability and Creativity

by Cyncie Winter, Creativity Coach and Professional Artist-

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”  ― Brene Brown

Oh yeah.  I bet you recognized immediately that these two things go hand and hand.  But I’m wondering if you can also recognize that vulnerability is a strength that we can bring to the creative process?

First of all, let’s talk about what it means to you to be vulnerable.  Does it mean being open?  Taking risks?  Navigating through the territory of uncertainty in so many ways?  Exposing yourself and your work to others in a way that might open you to criticism? 

How would you define vulnerability, related to the creative process?

The very act of being vulnerable can bring up an assault from our Inner Critic, opening us up to crippling beliefs, like wondering if we will be able to measure up to others, if we even have talent, and what to do if and when we will fail.

Think about the times and ways that you may have experienced vulnerability during any of the six stages of the creative process. When you are….

Nurturing the wish to create? Choosing what to create? Beginning to work? Working? Completing? Showing?

Now here’s the great thing about vulnerability.  If is comprised of tremendous courage, and if we open ourselves to being vulnerable as we create, then all sorts of unforeseen surprises can occur…like….

-Finding that the “mistakes” as we create something, can actually be “happy accidents,” turning our process into something that is awe-filled and inspiring.

—That the shame-saturated beliefs we might have had about making our art and putting it out into the world, have no basis in reality, and that the reception we might get from showing our work can be incredibly gratifying.

—That the practice of living with uncertainty can translate into other parts of our lives, making risk-taking a natural part of our existence, opening us up to rich experiences that we might never have considered trying.

Now, tell me….are there ways that your experience of having the courage to be vulnerable enlivened your creative process?  If you email me at cynciew@ecentral.com with your stories, I will share them with the community in my next blog.

Kathy and I send you wishes for big helpings of courage in your creative process! artcoachingforyou.com

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