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A Two Day Summer Workshop

Registration opens April 1, 2021


Self-Discovery through Art-Making

If you want to get colorful in your quest for self-awareness and reconnect with your intuitive flow, then join our workshop which will take place in a beautiful private area of Applewood located in Golden, Colorado. Your experience will be brimming with meditation, creative expression through art-making, mindfulness, personal insights, and authentic connection.

This creative wellness workshop blends creative activities with personal discovery and self-compassion in a laid back environment.  Here you will explore intuitive painting while tuning in to your own unique creative process and also play with new creative tools while discovering wonderful things about yourself.  No art making experience is necessary.



The ArtCoaching for You Self-Dicovery through Art-Making workshop is a wonderful opportunity to learn new, exciting techniques in a beautiful, relaxed environment.  A beautiful private area of Applewood, Colorado, is the backdrop for two days of classes focused on painting, collage, self-care through meditation and other creative awakening techniques.


Instructors Kathy Beekman and Liz Lautrup will introduce you to new ways of working with a variety of art-making materials that will add dimension, color and depth to your art-making world.

What is
Intuitive painting?

Intuitive Painting is tuning in to your own unique creative process while not being concerned with the final product.  The painter focuses on mindfulness, self-awareness and creative permission.  Through intuitive painting we let go of fear and naturally find ourselves through self-discovery.



A beautiful private area of Applewood located in Golden, Colorado, is the backdrop for two days of classes.  Applewood is a retro suburb of Denver and is located very close to the I-170 and 6th Avenue.  During our mid-morning break, be sure to take a short walk around the neighborhood of 1960’s homes, large old trees shading beautiful landscaping, or take a walk along a nature trail. 


Sample Agenda


10am Meet & Greet

10:15am Begin your intuitive journey

12-12:45pm Lunch break and optional neighborhood walk

12:45pm Soul searching through collage

2pm Sharing and wrapping up the day

  • Creative awakening through art and writing

  • Self-care through meditation

  • Confidence building activities

This Workshop Offers

You Have the Opportunity to:

  • Play

  • Create six intuitive art cards

  • Create one intuitive painting ready to hang

  • Explore new ways to make art

  • Express yourself through creativity in a safe place through writing and art-making

  • Experiment with various art media

  • Understand more fully who you are authentically

  • Gain an acceptance of who you are-your gifts and areas of challenge

  • Experience creative freedom and explore your imagination

  • Learn to keep your inner critic at bay

  • Trust yourself

  • Find your tribe

Your Guides
Kathy Beekman

Kathy Beekman, founder of ArtCoaching for You is a professional artist, art career coach, author, and community builder. She has presented art related workshops and retreats for over two decades and has a great passion for positively impacting others’ lives.

Liz Lautrup
Liz Lautrup Photo under 500K (1).jpg

Liz Lautrup is the founder of Life SPARK Soul Arts. She combines her background in Psychology, and Spirituality, as well as her obsession with abstract-expressive painting, to create personal experiences and artwork that help her clients find and connect with their authentic selves, find meaning, and step into greater fabulousness.

Please Bring

  • An open mind, spirit and heart

  • Paint shirt or apron and wear comfortable clothing

  • A sense of play

  • Initial thoughts

  • Set aside quite moments in the days before the workshop to identify areas in your life that you would like to work on.  Ask yourself, “what do I long for in my life?”  If you feel “lost” finding your focus, please contact Liz for guidance prior to the workshop.  During the workshop these thoughts may morph and change which is perfectly alright.


The Retreat will Provide

All of your art supplies

Light snacks and water

Answers to the following Questions

  1. Why did you want to take this workshop?

  2. Where do you find joy in your life?

  3. Where did you find joy as a child?

  4. How would you rate your physical health?

  5. How do you practice self-care for your mind and body?

2 days Prior to the Workshop

Send Liz your answers to the questions above.

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