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Glow from Within

Saturday May 15, 2021


10:00 am - 2:00pm MST


Be inspired during this one-day creative immersion workshop filled with tools and tips to keep your wellness on track. This skillfully curated therapeutic experience supports women on their journey to cultivate well-being through creative engagement and wellness practices.  Explore personal intentions, experience supportive connection, and grow your body awareness through exercise and massage techniques aimed at alleviating soreness in common problem areas for creatives.


Your guides Kathy Beekman and Sarita Parikh combine their specialties for an enriching day of nurturing to activate, energize and deepen the passion and peace in your life to help you better thrive as a creative. Activities include relaxing pain reduction activities, a calming creative art project, community sharing, and a direct experience using personal care products hand selected for creatives.


PS While sipping tea, be prepared to create your own mindfulness card, that has deep meaning, while exploring mixed media and color.

We believe in:

  • Joyful living

  • Building your confidence level

  • Enhancing lives through community building

  • Kindness to ourselves and others

We offer a:

  • calm safe respectful environment

  • professionally led workshop

  • place to step away from the busyness of life and recharge

We provide you with:

  • an all-natural personal care kit valued at $55 (think hand salve, decaf tea, dreamy candle and face mask)*

  • a multi-level sensory experience

Things to know

  • Workshop space is limited

  • Your space is reserved once registration and payment are received

  • Registration must be received by May 1st

  • intermittent breaks are provided

Your Guides
Kathy Beekman

Kathy Beekman, founder of ArtCoaching for You is a professional artist, art career coach, author, and community builder. She has presented art related workshops and retreats for over two decades and has a great passion for positively impacting others’ lives.

Thrive:  Wellness + Creativity


Thrive provides wellness and creative workshops/retreats as well as community to creativity seekers so that they can adopt and maintain healthy behaviors and practices.  We have made a conscious effort to combine Wellness + Creativity into each of our offerings as we believe that the two are linked.  Together they make for a happier and healthier you.

Sarita Parikh

Sarita Parikh  co-founder of glow + gather, a retail lifestyle + wellness brand that belies in social impact, sustainability, spreading joy, and encouraging simple, healthy living.  She is also the founder of Mind, Body, & Play Therapies, a physical therapy private practice more recently focusing on assisting clients to achieve targeted mobility and health goals.  From healthcare to retail, Sarita has 20 years of experience successfully starting and running companies committed to facilitating health, creating an impact, providing mentorship, and building community.

*Personal Care Products brought to you by Glow + Gather

A note from the company: “glow + gather is a Colorado lifestyle and wellness brand that creates small batch, natural self-care products, home goods, and spice blends, with a goal to inspire joyful, healthy living, and gatherings with friends and family to celebrate the moments- large and small.  We believe in the power + properties of nature, while backed + rooted in science.  At glow + gather we have done extensive research on all our ingredients, hand selecting each ingredient based on its known benefits to create all natural self-care products that are simple, nourishing and effective.  We take pride in ensuring all products are free of fillers and artificial flavors or colors, and are phthalate, formaldehyde, sulfate, paraben, synthetic fragrance, dye, and cruelty free.  At glow + gather we have a three-part mission:  Create + share simple, high quality, effective products that contain pure, natural ingredients and embrace our inner flow.  Gather and build community to enhance lives through creating connections and opportunities to help each other thrive.  Give back to our local=global community by building community relationships and non-profit partnerships, and maintaining a focus on sustainability.”

Art Materials for you to Provide

  • Pencil

  • 4 x 6 watercolor paper (paper can be cut down to this size)

  • Masking tape or painters tape

  • Sharpie Black Ultra Fine Point

  • Sharpie Black Fine Point

  • Ruler or tape measure

  • Paper towels

  • Eraser

  • Jar of water

  • Flat area in which to tape down your watercolor paper (like a smooth table surface or book)

Other Things for You to Provide

  • Tea infuser for loose tea

  • Tea Kettle (or a way to heat water for your tea)

  • Spoon to scoop tea into infuser

  • Favorite mug or tea cup

  • A bathroom in your vicinity

  • Pen and paper or journal

  • Space near where you are Zooming where you can stretch your body on the floor/yoga mat (if you have one)

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