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1-on-1  Kind Words


"What Kathy and I did together set me up so that I now show my work and sell it.  My productivity has been better than I expected and I have a new series of watercolors to photograph and get on my site.  I'm aslo opening a REdbubble storefront!"

Mary Jackson, Denver, CO



"Kathy is one of my go-to people for support and direction as I grow my art business. I appreciate that she prepares for our calls by reviewing my related marketing activities and material in detail and is always ready with insights and concrete suggestions.


 With a long history in marketing myself, I find her copywriting and marketing suggestions to be spot on. She also listens attentively to what I say, and in conjunction with her review of my existing materials, has this fabulous way of mirroring back to me aspects of myself that I wasn’t aware of or didn’t think were all that special, but when she says them I can see they are clearly and uniquely me. From a marketing perspective, I find this immensely valuable. I always walk away from our calls feeling empowered and eager to move forward."


Natalie Eve Marquis, Mixed Media Artist and Intuitive Coach, Stratham, NH

"Thank you for a year of encouragement and support - you are AWESOME!

Alissa W



"love that I am seeing tangible results after just two meetings with Kathy.  Also, her body of knowledge within the art world is profound."


Mindy Wolpa

"I have been sticking to my studio hours and it is so wonderful.  I finished one of the paintings that I wanted to finish and feel excited and inspired to paint now...which is awesome!" 


"Kathy Beekman has always helped give me a strong sense of direction, and has helped me establish monthly and annual goals.  These goals have moved my business forward.  I'm so grateful for her coaching wisdom!" 

Sue Shehan

"Thank you for all that you do for the creative community.  Also, thank you for writing two inspiring books.  I have opened them several times throughout the year.  You are a treasure to the art world." 

Patty Carberry

"If you dig beautiful, creative souls and art and entrepreneurial genius, I suggest you speak with this joyful light."

Jen Steir

"Why did I decide to work with Kathy?  I have a great deal of business experience that is beneficial in operating my own business but knowing how to brand myself as a photographer was not simple.  I wanted to take advantage of Kathy's depth of knowledge in the Art World and her experience working all the facets of the art industry.  I needed someone to assist me in taking my experience and talent, combined with their industry knowledge and experience and craft a brand that will depict me as a professional photographer."

Joan McCracken

"Since working with Kathy, my confidence as a creator has blossomed.  I'm learning valuable strategies and techniques that allow me to grow into the professional artist I aspire to be.

Choosing Kathy as my Art Career mentor was one of the best investments I could have made for my art career." 

Lizelle Englebrecht

"Thanks for your faith in me and helping me to grow."

Linda Harris

"This has been a year of so much progress for me!  Thank you for your nudges and sharing your expertise and contacts...the phone calls, the workshop/retreat - yes, all life altering."

Liz Lautrup

"....Selling art is a whole different story - I've had to make difficult decisions on whether I want ot be represented by a gallery, do art festivals and fairs, get into art publishing or sell my work online.  I've hired an art career coach, Kathy Beekman of ArtCoaching for You, who I meet with regularly, and her knowlege and experience are invaluable.  I wouldn't want to be on this journey without her."

Charlotte Bassin

"Coaching with Kathy is insightful and enjoyable even when I need to work hard at the business of being an artist.  She has inspired me to trust myself and to show up every day as an artist."

Suzanne Ellenbogen

"Art Coaching for You has made a major impact on not only my art but also my life. I have more confidence in myself and my art. It’s amazing how much progress I have made since my first Art Coaching for You meeting to today. What I have accomplished so far provides me motivation and perseverance to keep going and reach my goals! It has been an absolute pleasure working with Kathy.

Her enthusiasm and passion for what she does shines through every meeting I have with her. Kathy Beekman is a beacon for artists who want to pursue their true calling and live a creative lifestyle."

Stacie Kay Randall

"Kathy has made me think of myself so differently.  Now without reservation, I call myself an artist.  Thank you to Kathy for her faith in my abilities."


Linda Harris

"When I decided to go to art school, I had no idea what I was doing, what steps I needed to take, how to create a portfolio - anything. Kathy was instrumental in making this dream of mine a reality, helping me work out all the bugs of the application process. I can honestly say Kathy is the reason I got into the school of my dreams and am on the journey to becoming a professional artist just like her."


Morgan Sannes

"We were (are!) exceptionally fortunate to meet Kathy (and, Cyncie) at one of the classes they conduct at Foothills Art Center. I was expecting a, "how to market your art," curriculum, but, oh my, we got an intense, creative, eye-opening experience on how to "be" your art and where that might just take you... We started going up to Kathy's studio to learn about the nuts and bolts of putting a portfolio together, applying to colleges, practicing how to speak about one's art, how to, well, Kathy has taught Morgan and me, a tremendous amount about the culture of art, the finesse of sharing one's art, and the endless possibilities of living/breathing/doing art. What a gift!"


Michele Sannes

"My career as an artist has really taken off since I began working with Kathy.  I have started my own business, have gallery representation, developed and maintain my website and am happily selling my artwork."


Sue Shehan

"I now know how, with Kathy's guidance, to nurture my soul and have faith in my artistic process.  I have also learned what it takes and have fulfilled my dream of becoming a full time artist."

Gail Posner

"... since we began, we have developed a real plan of marketing my art and myself.  She has helped me make plans for my website, create beautiful business cards, choose a signature frame to best portray my paintings ... Her enthusiasm is contagious and she has made me see that I too can be successful.  She is truly a delight to work with and friends tell me they see a real boost in my self confidence."

Kate Kelner


Workshop & Retreat
Kind Words

Workshop Testimonials

"I love your passionate and pragmatic approach to your presentations."

Charlotte Lasasso, Director of Boulder County Artist Association

Art Gym Denver is thrilled to be partnering with ArtCoaching for You... which has brought an impressive array of content and quality to our members and the community...Kathy brings an extensive amount of knowledge, experience and professionalism to her presentations and does so with a sense of ease, grace and approachability.

Robin Whatley, Membership & Program Director of Art Gym Denver


The retreat in Santa Fe was once again Magical.  Kathy and Cyncie create a safe space for sharing and provide professional creative learning for all participants.  They have the ability to help you release and embrace your “angels”, your muse, your inner critic so that you are filled and renewed with creative energy.


Annamarie Mead

​Boulder County Arts Alliance is proud to include Kathy Beekman of ArtCoaching for You in our list of regular speakers. She is a true professional and we are delighted to work with her. Attendees at Kathy’s presentations give her high marks for providing inspiration, encouragement and useful information. She offers a variety of engaging workshops that we and our members continually find relevant. Thank you, Kathy!

Crystal Polis, Communications Director, Boulder County Arts Alliance

Kathy and Cyncie are a dynamic duo.  Real, practical, and deeply grounded, their work is brilliant, a revolution of sorts, for living well with creativity…this retreat was an investment in my creativity at a soul level.  I am changed!”


Robyn Thayer

"What an amazing presentation! I learned so many strategies and ways to market my art, embrace my fear and not let it drive the car! Thanks ladies!!!   Annamarie Mead

It was good to revisit some of the marketing concepts with respect to one's art. In addition, l realized that by pure happenstance I have been following the steps to take care of myself as an artist. I'm looking at the exploration of my art as a journey of creativity, the next phase of my life…. "

Rodney Buxton.

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