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Upcoming Presentations

Our presentations are offered during our quarterly online meetings on Zoom and from 10am-11:15am MST.

A Zoom link will be sent to your email address the morning of our meeting.

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January 20th
Lights, Camera, Connection

Elizabeth Walker

Founder and CEO of Elizabeth Walker Media

Whether you're doing videos and going live in your brand or you're a frequent podcast guest with the video turned on, you'll be given Elizabeth's easy broadcast-quality tips that help you go from de-positioning yourself as the expert in your online content to truly building an audience that connects with the real you and wants what you're offering.

April 13th
4 Steps to Confident Decision Making

Sue Horwitz

Founder of Sue Horwitz Coaching

How good would it feel to be more decisive versus lying awake at night agonizing over what you should and shouldn't do?

There's no sense of relief quite like making a well-thought-out, confident descision and moving on.  The secret to making better decisions goes beyond listing pros and cons.  Confident decision-making is a systematic approach.  It's an approach you can learn.

In this pragmatic and insightful presentation, Sue will give you a proven, confidence-building system for making decisions in your personal and artistic life that are both bold and sound.


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July 20th

An wonderful presenter will be announced soon well as a description

October 12th

A wonderful presenter will be announced soon


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